Get on the property ladder sooner

Buy your home with family or friends and keep your share safe with full financial and legal protection

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With MaryR, you can buy a home four years earlier

*based on 3 people saving for 15% deposit and average annual house price increases of 4.3%, compared to 1 person

Protecting different contributions

MaryR tracks all payments across deposits, mortgage payments, repairs and renovations. Our Deed of Trust ensures your money has full legal protection and avoids any awkward conversations when it’s time to move on or if anyone’s circumstances change.

Home ownership made simple

MaryR makes the whole process simple, supporting you all the way from buying your first home to moving on or buying out co-owners. We even offer a free 30 minute consultation with a mortgage broker to work out how much you can afford.

Track, protect and plan your individual share in a home

How does it work

Find your home

Pool your funds with friends and family, use our fee-free broker to find out how much you can afford – then get house hunting!

Protect your share

Our Deed of Trust ensures you get full legal and financial protection for your share of the deposit, mortgage repayments, repairs and renovations

Manage your investment

Use the MaryR platform to track your share of your home, giving you insights like when you can buy co-owners out, move onto your next place or trade in that mortgage

What People Are Saying


I wish this was around a few years ago - it would have saved a lot of headaches!




There’s nothing out there that helps people buy this way – I feel lucky to have found you!




I love being able to quickly, easily and confidently settle shares





I haven't bought my home yet. Can you help?

Yes! We’d suggest booking an intro call with us to understand how we can help. Sign up to MaryR Buyer and we’ll be in touch asap.

We also offer a FREE 30 minute consultation with a broker to help you understand what you can afford and provide weekly home-buying tips to help MaryR users get home-buying ready.

I’ve already bought a place. Can I use MaryR?

Yes! You can start tracking with our MaryR platform and make it legally binding even after you’ve moved in. Just make sure you have the details of who has contributed what so far and schedule an intro call to see how we can help.

Does MaryR work with other buying schemes?

Yes! We work with schemes like Shared Ownership and Help to Buy.

What about when I want to sell?

MaryR isn’t just for when you’re buying your home. Thanks to our easy to use platform, if you want to sell individually or as a group, we make sure everything is clear, easy and well protected.

Which lenders do you work with?

All of them! Our platform is separate from the mortgage process so we’re not tied to one particular lender. If you don’t have a lender in mind yet, we offer a FREE 30 minute consultation with a broker to give you an overview of who’s out there!

What if it’s not right for me?

You can try our demo mode for free. Your first month on the MaryR owner plan is also free, so you can try out the platform for a full month without any obligation!

I’ve still got questions. How do I speak to you?

That’s easy – just book a free 15 minute intro call using this link