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The House Buying Process: What Does a Lawyer Do?

How does a lawyer help you buy your home? From ownership to investigations - we break it down. Why do you need a lawyer when buy...
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How To Buy A House As An Unmarried Couple

Buying a home is a big deal. It’s the biggest financial investment we make in our life, and it’s not something to enter into lightl...
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How To Get On The Property Ladder in 2022

With inflation on the rise and house prices shooting through the metaphorical roof, it may seem like a daunting, if not impossible, pro...
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It’s impossible to get on the property ladder alone. Here’s how to buy with others.

You simply can’t get on the ladder alone. The average house price is now £268,349 — over 9x the average salary. Young first-time...
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Bank of Mum and Dad – It’s time to get serious.

Recent research by Legal and General showed that around 150,000 of property purchases every year are only made possible by the Bank of Mum ...
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One, Two, Three, Four = Door. Four Easy steps to get ‘home-buying’ ready.

Making that big first step on the housing ladder might feel like a huge challenge. Especially in these challenging economic circumstances, ...
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